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Image Consultation Session Contest

by Lisa Ann Martin on October 28, 2009

999804_70589493What you’ll win:

A 1 hour long one-on-one customized image consultation session with me, Lisa Ann Martin – owner of Stealth Styling.  In this session I will identify three of your biggest wardrobe struggles and provide personalized strategies for solving those concerns, making your life simpler.
Whether you are attending an important business meeting, a special event or a first date; it is important to look at ease, while making the right impression. Let me assist you with analyzing your wardrobe needs, maximizing your best physical qualities and explaining what works for you and why it works.

Stealth Styling clients get more action in the boardroom and the bedroom.

How to Win:

Write one paragraph about your biggest wardrobe challenge and post it to your Blog or Facebook with a link back to my Blog: Then email with your entry, or just email your entry to

Contest Rules:

Five winners will be chosen at random on November 6, 2009. You’ll be contacted by me to schedule our session right away.

Good Luck!

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Kirk Bianchi November 2, 2009 at 11:33 pm

I have one for Lisa Ann Martin!

So all in one day: Temperature 70 degrees as I crank away on designs at my home studio, motivation loudly provided courtesy of Stevie Ray Vaughn, Mozart, or Yo Yo Ma, Bono or Bryan Adams depending…

Next scene: 115 degrees as I trek through a job site climbing down a freshly excavated pool, checking the plumbing and rebar layout. HEY dont break an ankle or loose some blood on the tie wire!

Next scene : first client interview, discussing how their project that they would like to spend 50k on is going to be more like 150-200k, and Im the GUY TO MAKE IT HAPPEN oh yeah!

Next scene : off to ball room dance teacher certification lessons, waltz anyone? cha cha? perhaps a bolero is more your style?

Next scene : off to pic up my little apprentice, MR. Keegan Elan Bianchi (note the symmetry and cadence when pronounced aloud…) from school, to make him dinner and take him on a hike up the preserve in his back pack, or to the park to kick the soccer ball…

Next scene : Best part of the day OH Daddyyyyy!!! as Mr Keegan gives me a hug with his yogurt smeared hands and face….hmmmmm the wind down..

So HOW pray tell does one dress up nice for all that??? LOL!

Now that I’ve dropped 30lbs and am back to circa 1995 fitness, the “tent” look isnt doing much for me, the way my current clothes are hanging…

REI here I come?

Stay tuned all, I’ll find out the beginnings from Lisa tomorrow!!!

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