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swflairStealth Styling was featured in SouthWest Flair Magazine – Image Stylist Helps Men Get More Action.


Cyber-Styling: A 21st Century Style Solution for Today’s Man. Successful, busy men all over the world now have access to first-class image styling services, thanks to Lisa Ann Martin, owner of Stealth Styling for men. With her ingenious use of a web cam, Martin has perfected a new niche within the image consulting industry: “cyber-styling”.

Check out the entire article Image Stylist Helps Men Get More Action in Southwest Flair’s Online Magazine.


Stealth Styling featured on Good Morning Arizona

by Lisa Ann Martin on November 2, 2009

Check out the latest story – Stealth Styling featured on Good Morning Arizona – 3TV.  Check out Scott Pasmore segment “Cyber Stylist” - Online Virtual Styling.

More and more people are using the latest technology for something we’ve been doing forever — dating. There’s no doubt the dating world can be pretty tough, and, let’s face it, men  normally doing the asking and the planning. What if  you could get a little help without ever leaving your home.

stealth_stylingClick on the video to watch segment on

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Image Consultation Session Contest

October 28, 2009

What you’ll win: A 1 hour long one-on-one customized image consultation session with me, Lisa Ann Martin – owner of Stealth Styling.  In this session I will identify three of your biggest wardrobe struggles and provide personalized strategies for solving those concerns, making your life simpler. Whether you are attending an important business meeting, a [...]

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Perfectify Magazine’s 10 Essentials for the Stylish Man’s Wardrobe

October 9, 2009

Check out this month’s Perfectify magazine discussing the 10 essentials for the stylish man’s wardrobe. I am excited to be the men’s fashion expert featured in the article.   Good News!!! Starting next month I will be the exclusive men’s columnist for Perfectify.  Tune in every month to read about the latest trends and the current [...]

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Sharp-The Famous Canadian Men’s Magazine LOVES our Style Cam!

September 25, 2009

I am happy to report that Stealth Styling was featured in Sharp-The top Canadian men’s magazine for our Style cam service. Here is a small exerpt from the article: The widower had a problem. After his wife had died, he was looking to get back into the dating game. The only problem was that he [...]

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Men’s Online Private Sample Sales

September 14, 2009

While the retail industry in general has seen a decline in sales over the past year, one particular format, online sample sale sites are doing relatively well in this recessionary climate, as shopaholic women and men with a taste for designer items are drawn to this online guilty pleasure. The deep discounts on designer fashions [...]

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Clothing Care – Maintaining your wardrobe

September 4, 2009

Maintenance if not a very sexy topic, but restocking your wardrobe frequently is expensive and avoidable if you actually take the time to care for your pieces correctly. It’s no secret that the economy is still hurting, and it is taking a toll on all of our clothing budgets. What it shouldn’t take a toll [...]

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Men’s Lifestyle –How to “be” in today’s world.

September 3, 2009

Every man should know how to conduct himself in any setting, whether it be social, work, or at home. Being a gentleman today is not about dos and don’ts, but about common sense, courtesy and respect of others.  Knowing the basics of good manners will take you far. Work Place – be professional. Being well-mannered [...]

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Grooming Tips for Men

August 21, 2009

Men today are starting to realize the importance of proper grooming.  A healthy appearance reveals to others, whether you are attending an important business meeting, a special event or a first date, that you are “the man”, and have it all together.  Believe me when I say women notice and will reward you for your [...]

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How Do I Build The Essential Man’s Wardrobe?

August 10, 2009

When it comes to building a functional wardrobe, the first thing every man should do is assess their lifestyle. No matter what the particular situation, whether it is casual or professional, there are pieces every man should have in his wardrobe in order to look sharp and well dressed. With these basic elements in place, most men can be ready to respond to whatever situation presents itself and feel totally prepared.

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